Too many complaints, no praise

0-FiletMignonI eat out probably less than the average person these days because I live with a wonderful cook. We do enjoy Karaoke & Live music entertainment and getting together with friends on a regular basis at different places in Southern California. I also seek out local restaurants when I travel. So my articles here will be about my experiences great, good or bad as I venture about in my travels.

One thing that I look for is great service and/or food when eat out. I have worked as a consultant to the restaurant business arena for many years. I’ve seen businesses prosper and I’ve seen them fail. It’s not fun to watch friends a love and a passion when a business closes. I will say that as a general rule if the food is great and consistent, and the service is ok, a restaurant will survive. If the food is consistently good and the service is great, the locals will usually keep a restaurant alive. This may sound easy but I’ll tell you it’s not. The general manager has to make sure all the cooks are consistent. The general manager has to keep the team cohesive – not easy to keep both the front and back of house working together and happy. My hat is off in praise to a manager that can do that and make a profit.

So this category is about my business observations in that arena. From the local donut shop to fine dining restaurant, it’s all about great service and food for me. My comments will be here.